What Do You Meme What Do You Meme? Game

What Do You Meme What Do You Meme? Game

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The What Do You Meme? Game proves that things aren't always what they meme...

What Do You Meme? is a fun, and easy to learn game that's perfect for parties, game nights, holidays... and more! 

Each set has a deck of popular internet photo memes and lots and lots of random captions. Each player starts with seven caption cards, and they select the one that they think is the funniest, most outrageous caption for the displayed photo. A judge selects the best caption, and the photo card is awarded to the winner of the round. The winner of the game is the person with the most photo cards.

It's that simple to play! Play as long as you'd like -- or until someone gets hungry and orders a pizza.

What Do You Meme?  Is the perfect excuse to call up the crew, and get everyone together for guaranteed laughs. 

The game is suggested for adults only (ages 17+) because of some of the risque captions (trust us on this one).