Solmate Crew Socks Buckwheat Cotton/Nylon Adult

Solmate Crew Socks Buckwheat Cotton/Nylon Adult

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Solmate Socks are so much fun: They are purposely mismatched, but coordinated, so you can be just a little eccentric, but well put together at the same time. And the Buckwheat Sock is no exception. 

The Buckwheat Socks, from Solmate, are a subtle mix of tones that call to mind waving fields of grain, and they're great for relaxing at home or a day at the office. 

Colorful Solmate Socks are a great gift for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, Christmas -- or other gift-giving holiday), and for any person (men, women, dads, moms, wives, husbands)!

  • Featured Colors: dark gray, light gray, orange, blush.   
  • 62% Cotton/ 22% Polyester/ 15% Nylon/ 1% Lycra.
  • Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, and Large.