Klask AsP Klask Game

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Slide! Dodge! Strike! Score! The award-winning magnetic gameplay of Klask, by Klask AsP, is unique, exciting and like no other game out there! This awesome action-packed battle will have everyone in the room playing again and again. Move quick but be tactical too, KLASK demands fast hands and even faster thinking!
A little bit foosball, a little bit air hockey, the magnetic gameplay of Klask is unique, fun and like no other game out there! Klask will entertain all players from the youngsters to the old folks. The player is in charge of the magnets from under the table. Both players try to score while trying to avoid the white barrier magnets in the middle of the game field.
  • For 2 players.  
  • Ages 8 years and Up
  • Playing Time: 10 minute
Klask Game contains:
  • Klask board
  • 2 magnetic strikers
  • 2 steering magnets
  • 4 white magnets
  • 2 scoring disks
  • 2 balls
  • Rulebook